Why work at Basalt?

We're thinkers, problem solvers, and highly-skilled.

We're enthusiastic, professional, and fun.

We're intentional, practical, and team-centered.


At Basalt, we strive for excellence in everything we do. The juice of the job: digging into every project and every challenge with curiosity, openness, creativity, and a strong sense of ownership. We LOVE our work, and we love working together. We are talented, flexible, fluent, compassionate, and supportive. And we all help one another grow. There’s never an unwelcome question if you’re striving for a better way to build. Learning is encouraged and expected!

As Basalt continues to grow, we're looking for great people to join our team. If you're interested, check out the openings we're currently looking to fill. Send us an email at hi@basalt.io, with your resume and a little bit about yourself.

job descriptions

Engagement Director

We're looking for a highly skilled Engagement Director to lead customer partnerships across our sales, product, and delivery practices . They will assess the clients’needs, identify customer requirements, and develop cohesive projects that improve the business operations through effective procedures and systems. Click for more details.

Front-End Developer

We’re looking for someone with the fundamentals of front-end development, even more specifically, we need someone that understands the concept of components and modular design. This person should have experience with version control, have strong CSS skills, and experience with JavaScript. Working knowledge of compontent integration with a CMS (Drupal, WordPress, Contentful, etc.) is also desired. Click for more details.

Senior Designer

We’re looking for someone with leadership and passion for component-driven design. Ideally, this person will have three or more years of experience as a Visual/UI/Interaction Designer, either as a freelanceer or at a digital agency. This role requires someone who believes that design does not stop with how something LOOKS, but is inherently connected with how it WORKS. Click for more details.