Basalt represents our roots—the Pacific Northwest, and our belief that quality design begins with rock‑solid scalable components.


Meet The Team

Chris Strahl, CEO

Chris is Basalt's change management expert. He helps enterprise-level clients incept the right technology strategies, combining long-range business foresight and technical expertise to help organizations adapt, evolve, plan, and optimize value from the systems they use. He has worked with Major League Soccer, the US Department of Defense, NBC, Twitter, Time Inc., Apple, and many others. As an expert digital strategist, Chris loves working consultatively with clients to build design systems that integrate creative teams, decrease time-to-market, and safeguard brand consistency.

Evan Lovely, CTO

Evan is our technical savant. His buoyancy, enthusiasm, pragmatism, and craftsmanship are contagious—within project teams, he believes that encouraging creativity, tinkering, and close collaboration leads to the most elegant solutions. Over his thirteen years as a developer, systems architect, and leader, he has worked with the United Nations, Time Inc., Estée Lauder, Paramount Pictures, Pinterest, and many others. A respected and trusted resource in the tech community, Evan is the PHP maintainer Pattern Lab, an open-source platform for static site generation using atomic design.

Nam Ho, EVP Delivery

Nam is our indispensable project manager. His down-to-earth energy, attention to detail, and intuitive grasp of how teams create make him an invaluable asset. He is a communication hub between all team members and stakeholders, and oversees the execution of every moving element within a project, from discovery to development to deployment. He builds cohesive teams, keeps things on schedule, and stays within budget. Nam has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Twitter, Workday, and Johnson & Johnson. Nam is our expert at delivering software rapidly, efficiently, and with minimal risk.

Emily White, VP of Sales and Marketing

Emily grows businesses. With twenty years of experience in sales and marketing, she ensures that every department within an organization will benefit from their design system. She knows how to launch a product, architect and plan a public image, coordinate business development, and manage marketing channels for enterprise organizations. Emily is instrumental in helping our clients establish the principles and practices that drive the best use—and the best evolution—of their design system, ensuring a purpose-driven product that's effective for years to come.

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Our Pattern Lab

We believe in transparency.
Basalt CTO Evan Lovely (Pattern Lab's PHP Maintainer) invites you to check out what's under our hood.


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