Hello World!

Last week, Basalt launched its website. This is our first public showcase of who we are, what we do, and what we're all about. Basalt has been a nascent idea in our minds until this point -- something we've been working on, talking about, getting started. Now, seeing the fruits of weeks of discussions about our brand, the name, and all the tweaks and revisions along the way, we're proud to show you who we are.

We want this company to do big things. This company will work on many of the things that traditional digital agencies do, such as strategy, software development, and design. However, our main focus is on Component Driven Development. CDD is an emerging philosophy -- a new way of thinking about the web and the applications we create. We're beginning to see its adoption become mainstream, and we believe it will soon be everywhere. While we predominantly work on the web, we want to take our innovative ideas to our clients and communities to create together and gain new perspectives.

Being open is a core belief. We will contribute to the open source companies on whom we rely on for our business. We will share our ideas openly with our clients, competitors, and friends alike. We value the collective work of ensuring that the web is built on a solid foundation. We want to make this ecosystem which we all use and rely on, better. The more people that share that vision, the more positive our impact can be.

I'm really excited to be working with my friends and now business partners, Evan Lovely and Nam Ho. Over the years we've formed bonds of both friendship and mutual professional respect. I couldn't ask for two better people to embark on this adventure with.

We've officially hung up our shingle, and we're excited to get to work!