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2. Design Systems + Project Management

Episode 2 - December 16, 2019

Chris talks with Nam Ho about the project manager's perspective when working on design systems. They cover how you build them, what's different about project management when you're building a design system and more.


Nam Ho

EVP of Delivery and Co-Founder, Basalt

Nam Ho's Stats:
Nam’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion for technology drive his consistent delivery of polished end products. Nam oversees the execution of every moving element of a project, and fosters communication and iterative planning at each phase--from strategy to development to implementation. Working closely with clients and core management, Nam builds cohesive, collaborative development teams that ensure every phase of each project runs smoothly, stays on schedule, and remains within budget. Nam employs over seven years of insight and experience with software projects in high-tech firms, delivering software rapidly, efficiently, and with minimal risk.

Show Notes

  • In this episode, the guys are drinking a Portland, OR favorite, 10 Barrel IPA.
  • Brad Frost's blog on Conducting an Interface Inventory
  • If you have questions, topic or beer suggestions, you can find us on Twitter @TheDSPod.