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3. Design and Code Convergence

Episode 3 - December 27, 2019

Chris and Emily Campbell discuss the convergence of design and code, and what that looks like. They walk through what a designer role looks like in a modern digital product team and Emily explains her idea that design and development are the same. They just have different approaches to the same process or medium.

Other topics the duo touch on include:

  • Should designers learn to code?
  • Intent around design and development, accessibility
  • The importance of making intentional decisions

    They also cover social commentary, economic theory, flocks of birds, and so much more!


Emily Campbell

Senior Design Specialist, InVision

Emily Campbell's Stats:
Emily is a veteran design and product practitioner. She is currently a Senior Designer on InVision's Design Transformation team, where she helps teams and leaders increase their impact by maturing their practices and developing a culture of learning and collaboration. She focuses on human-centered design, translating creative strategy into business value, building a culture of leadership, and sharing ownership across disciplines. On the side, Emily enjoys exploring the desert around her home in Moab, Utah with her husband and three kids.

Show Notes

  • Learn about Conway's Law
  • Learn more about the Portland Swifts
  • If you have questions, topic or beer suggestions, you can find us on Twitter @TheDSPod.