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Welcome Basalt's Newest Senior Developer, Jeremy John

September 26, 2019

Chicago native, Jeremy John, has recently joined the Basalt team as a senior developer. Jeremy has been in the tech industry for over nine years as a technical architect and brings his expertise in Javascript, React, CSS3, and PHP to the senior team. He excels at juggling various challenges, driving development, and guiding projects through to success. He also enjoys un-riddling challenging bugs and other seemingly "unsolvable" blockers.

When asked what he likes most about being a developer, Jeremy said, "Being a developer is like playing chess all day, every day. I constantly solve interesting problems—I’m never bored."

JeremyzJeremy's background working with non-profits and passion for changing the world is surprisingly what drove his career direction to coding. He recognized that, often, these organizations had an urgent need for technical help. He began consulting for non-profits and working on straight forward IT problems like printer issues and virus repair. In parallel, he was teaching himself skills like CSS and Linux.

By 2009, Jeremy joined the Quixote Center as their full-time tech lead. Reflecting back on that time he says, "Back then, I thought Drupal would give activists a way to connect to change the world for the better." That is what inspired him to focus more and dive farther into technology as a career.

While Jeremy works as a full-time developer now, he's still actively working to support his community and affect change. He's also a science-fiction novelist and always provides interesting insights for "water cooler" discussion, including how technology affects people and how to build software that serves humans—rather than the inverse.

Jeremy's attention to client needs runs through every detail of his work, ensuring an impactful solution for businesses. Since joining the team, he has been working on Pega's Bolt design system, as well as helping to prepare a Drupal site launch.

Welcome to the team, Jeremy!

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