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The Design Systems Podcast - Hello World!

January 10, 2020

Hello World! Basalt is super excited to announce the launch of the Design Systems Podcast!

For over two years now, we've been having great conversations about design systems with experts in design, development, project management, and a variety of other disciplines, and have wanted to share these insightful discussions within the community.

In the early days of Basalt, we didn't really know how to define the work we were doing. Our terminology ranged from APIs for Brands, to Component Driven Development, and Front-End Systems. Nothing really seemed to fit — there was a broader idea at play that we just needed to know the name for. Through our work and curiosity, we stumbled upon the term design systems and the small, but growing community attached to it.

We've been inspired by conference talks, chats, and blog posts from people like Brad Frost, Salem Ghoweri, Alla Kholmatova, Chris Bloom, Jina Anne, Nathan Curtis, Yesenia Perez-Cruz, and many others. Seeing these ideas take shape and the community build around them has been awesome, and it's been rewarding to help and contribute along the way. We're proud sponsors of Clarity, we regularly contribute to the Design Systems Slack, and we try to talk about them as much as possible. Now, we're excited to open a new medium for contribution!

One of the great things about this community is the willingness of the people in it to talk about their work, share ideas, and really put themselves out there to help guide and shape it. It's rare to find a group of professionals so welcoming and open about sharing their knowledge. Our curiosity has led us to some amazing conversations — many of which make a valuable contribution to this community. With the creation of the Design Systems Podcast, we want to share with you some inspiring conversations with the people that we're talking with and learning from... typically over a beer or two.

Consider sending us topic ideas, beer suggestions, and comments on Twitter at @TheDSPod. You can listen to the podcast here or through your preferred podcast app.

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