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Basalt Welcomes New Developer, Tasha Zuniga

November 01, 2019

Basalt as an organization believes it's important to be constantly learning and growing, and as part of that belief, we want to support others in their journey as well. As we continue to grow, we are constantly looking for the right people to join the team. Basalt is pleased to have found this in, and welcome, Tasha Zuniga. She is new to her career path as a developer, but already shows great competency in JavaScript and React. When not doing her day job, Tasha enjoys horror movies, fencing, LARPing, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Everyone at Basalt has an interesting and varied background, and Tasha is no exception. She has explored a few different, interesting career paths including taxidermy, sprinkler fitting, remodels, and freelance illustration. After these endeavors, in 2017, Tasha decided to get back to discovering the world of coding. It had been an early dream of hers, so she started doing online tutorials to jumpstart her coding education before enrolling at Alchemy Code Lab in Portland. Soon after, Tasha and her ACL team participated in the local Portland Hackathon. The team earned second place by creating an app that helps homeless Portland community members find city resources.

When asked what she loves about the field, Tasha replied, "I love coding because it’s a puzzle solving game with a hundred ways to get to the right answer. It’s as creative as art, but exercises a different chunk of my brain, and I find that very satisfying."

Tasha has been with Basalt for few months and has been able to contribute to client projects by building new features into their systems and ensuring sites meet ADA compliance. Her drive and curiosity are highly valued by the team. Join us in welcoming Tasha Zuniga as our newest developer.

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