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Evan Lovely Becomes the Pattern Lab PHP Maintainer

October 11, 2017

We are delighted to announce that Evan Lovely, our beloved CTO, is taking up the helm as the Pattern Lab PHP maintainer.

Pattern Lab, an open-source godsend for creators of design systems, was first built and released in 2012 by tech luminaries Brad Frost and Dave Olsen to showcase Atomic Design at work. Pattern Lab quickly gained a reputation as a robust, simple, and versatile engine for powering projects with a component-driven philosophy: Pattern Lab is an all-in-one style guide, component library, and prototyping tool.

Evan Lovely became a major driving force behind Pattern Lab’s continuing evolution during the push to grow Pattern Lab from Version 1 to Version 2. The goal: a continually improving design tool that can help make the web better. But in order to illuminate why we’re so excited about Evan becoming the Pattern Lab PHP maintainer, we have to get a little more specific.

Most people know that all websites are essentially created from 3 languages: CSS, Javascript, and HTML. In order for a design system to reflect production code, it needs to share all 3 languages. Pattern Lab’s first version only was able to share two -- CSS and Javascript. The essence of Evan’s work, powering Pattern Lab’s jump from Version 1 to Version 2: he brought the ability to share HTML template from Pattern Lab -- the final linguistic piece of the tri-force. Endowed with all three languages, Pattern Lab became integratable into Drupal, and developers and designers found themselves in possession of a Rosetta Stone: component libraries, style guides, and CMS’s could all use the same source.

After helping to release Pattern Lab 2, Dave had to hang up his Pattern Lab maintainer hat as life pulled him in other directions. With Pattern Lab a big success showing no signs of slowing down, Brad reached out to Evan to take over.

We’re thrilled to have Evan as CTO -- it’s quite a boon to have the guy who played an integral role in etching the Rosetta Stone of design systems on our team. Evan knows firsthand how component-driven design systems create trust between component libraries and style guides, and thus better relationships and communication between designers and developers. We believe in making the web better, project by project.

In addition to leading Basalt’s technological development as CTO, Evan is excited to keep improving the proverbial Rosetta Stone as Pattern Lab’s new PHP maintainer -- and he’s honored that Dave and Brad have asked him to do so.

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