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Basalt Welcomes Front-End Designer, Brandon Reid

January 08, 2020

We're pleased to have Brandon Reid join the team as a front-end designer. Basalt employs some extremely talented and creative people, and Brandon is no exception.

Brandon grew up in rural Alaska and in high school he enjoyed making hip hop music with friends. He loved it so much that he went to college planning his degree around recording arts. However, after taking various classes, he soon discovered that he enjoyed the design classes much more. Brandon then changed his goals to focus on print design, and enrolled in a Digital Arts and Design program. During the program, Brandon also took a coding class, and while he did well in the class, it didn't stick out to him at the time. However, he did start gaining experience building sites in college when he helped a friend create an MMA fighting website.

In 2013, after various jobs, Brandon began working for a large market research software company where he created training and marketing videos. At that time he began to notice that user experience (UX) was becoming a hot topic. Eventually, he teamed up with two other designers in the company to form their official UX team. They focused heavily on testing to find the best solutions and experiences for the problems users faced. It was during this time that he developed his first pattern library, learning many lessons about what it takes for a system to grow and be sustainable.

JeremyzFrom there, Brandon struck out on his own and became a co-founder of a startup that focused on data collection via text messaging for restaurants, splitting time with his day job as a full-time designer. He later joined another major market research software company as the sole designer, where he focused on building a design system that integrated their entire suite of sites and apps.

Eventually, Brandon began dabbling in both the design and developer worlds, relying on his past coding skills. Today he is fluent in UX design, design system implementation, and front-end development.

When he's not working, Brandon loves to spend time with his wife and kids. He's recently spent countless hours digging into the science of pizza dough and has developed his self-proclaimed, “perfect home-oven dough.” In addition to the dough, he also makes his own pizza sauces, promising a unique and delicious experience with each new recipe.

Brandon brings over six years of experience as a designer and developer to his role. He currently lives in California, adding to our growing remote workforce. He is currently working on Knapsack, Basalt's open-source project within our product development practice.

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