1. a dark, fine-grained rock, endemic to Northwestern landscapes, that often displays a hexagonal columnar structure

2. an innovative, organization-changing infusion of technology tools, change management, and comprehensive vision

3. the team of experts currently waiting to turbocharge your marketing strategy

Basalt represents our roots—the Northwest, and our belief that quality design begins with rock-solid scalable components.


About Us

We believe that Component Driven Development empowers businesses to be their best selves. We create API’s for brands using libraries of components that power stunning user experiences across the web. We believe in innovation, efficiency, consistency, and design reusability.

Our Portland-based team brings dozens of years of experience in design and technology. The sites and applications we create build better experiences for developers, designers, and users.


Chris Strahl; CEO

Chris has been the driving force behind dozens of major web and software implementations around the world. He brings his expertise as a developer, project manager, salesperson, and executive leader to everything he does, and he works consultatively with clients to ensure they choose and implement the right technology solutions for their organization.

Chris has worked with such clients as Major League Soccer, the US Department of Defense, NBC, Twitter, Time Inc., Apple, and many others. A varied breadth of experience and roles informs Chris’ broad perspective on how companies choose and implement technology, work with vendors successfully, and optimize value from the systems they use. An accomplished digital strategist, his extensive management experience with teams and startups and his acumen with enterprise organizations make him a strong asset at the helm of any venture.


Evan Lovely; CTO

Evan brings his buoyant optimism and contagious enthusiasm to any team, organization, or initiative. With thirteen years of industry experience as an engineer, developer, and team leader in a wide array of business environments, Evan’s combination of technical virtuosity and people skills make him a rare asset as a communicator, project manager, and tone-setter.

Evan’s lifelong passion for technology has been the boon of organizations such as the United Nations, Time Inc., Estee Lauder, Paramount Pictures, and Pinterest. Evan was the driving force behind Pinterest’s company-wide implementation of Component Driven Development, and he presented on this achievement at DrupalCon 2017. He works reflectively to improve organizations’ technology practices in order to enact the change needed, thrives on finding creative solutions to complex problems, and rallies his teams around a common vision in order to effect the best possible project outcome.


Nam Ho; EVP of Delivery

Nam’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion for technology drive his consistent delivery of polished end products. Nam oversees the execution of every moving element of a project, and fosters communication and iterative planning at each phase--from strategy to development to implementation. Working closely with clients and our core management, Nam builds cohesive, collaborative development teams that ensure every phase of the project runs smoothly, stays on schedule, and remains within budget. Nam has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Twitter, Workday, Johnson & Johnson, and many others.

Nam employs five years of insight and experience with software projects in high-tech firms in delivering software rapidly, efficiently, and with minimal risk.